Midwifery Training for Kashmir Women


...others suggested us not to continue our travel to Gurais along with them because snowfall had started at the same time.  The informed that we will be stuck there since road will be closed so we returned back saying good bye to young trainees and their relatives at Muzaffarabad.


Prior to this travel back to home, there was a wonderful ceremony at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore. Almost 150 people attended the program of certificate distribution. Prof. Humayun Maqsood, Principal, FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry  Dr. Shabnum, Dr. Haroon Ihsan, Mujtaba Imran etc addressed he participants and expressed their views. Dr. Shabnum said thousands of students come to our institutions but teaching these girls was a very interesting experience for us. They proved that women of remote and isolated areas are as talented as the women of Lahore or any other big city of Pakistan. She said " I feel the young ladies from Gurais are even more intelligent than of the girls of cities because they paid immense attention to their studies. They remained studying late night till 1 or 2 am every night. I appreciate their enthusiasm and keenness in the training program".


Dr. Haroon said "I suggest now the girls from Gurais should do Matriculation with Science subjects, then they should do F.Sc. premedical. We will be glad to admit some of the brilliant students in our medical college to make them doctors".


I thanked all the administration and teaching staff and reiterated the need of health facilities at Gurais. I sad trained these girls have set a milestone in their area and now other girls will also be attracted towards education and such training programs. I added that the real solution of the lacking heath facilities is providing a few young girls with an opportunity to do M.B.B.S. and that I hope the FMS will cooperate in this regard too".


In the ceremony Hussain Durrani, son of Muhammad Ali Durrani, ex federal minister for information and Muhammad Ibrahim, son of a women parliamentarian/prominent political leader Mrs. Raheel Qazi who is daughter of a religious leader Qazi Hussain Ahmad was also present and appreciated bringing these ladies to Lahore and training them.


An interesting part of the MTP was that an International Conference on Midwifery was held at Pearl continental Lahore last week. The program was arranged by USAID. The FMS official Dr. Shabnum arranged for these women to visit and see people from other countries gathered for the same purpose. The young women were introduced to the delegates afterwards.


Dr. Shabnum said these girls must come again for two months so that we could complete the remaining modules of the course. So we may bring them downhill in summers (April, May) 2010.  We told them of the efforts of our Pagosan friends who sponsored this MTP. They admired the friendship between the people of Gurais and Pgosa Springs.